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What is developmental apraxia of speech?

"Apraxia is a neurogenic impairment involving planning, executing and sequencing motor movements. Verbal apraxia affects the programming of the articulators and rapid sequences of muscle movements for speech sounds (often associated with hypotonia and sensory integration disorder). Oral apraxia involves nonspeech movements (e.g., blowing, puckering, licking food from the lips)." Dr. Marilyn Agin

Developmental apraxia of speech is also referred to as developmental verbal dyspraxia. There is generally no detectable physical cause for the condition. Children with apraxia respond well to therapy techniques like those used for adults who have adult-onset (acquired) apraxia (due to a stroke or other incident of anoxia).


Verbal Apraxia Presentation by Marilyn C. Agin, MD

Possible Oral Apraxia or Oral Motor Warning Signs by Lisa Geng with assistance from Sara R. Johnson, CCC/SLP

PhD (Mom)? An excellent editorial written by a parent of a child with an oral motor speech disorder about some of the trials and tribulations of getting an accurate diagnosis. By Lindsay Chase Wheaton.

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Recommendations of Frequency and Intensity of Speech Therapy for Apraxia
For use when advocating for increased frequency of therapy sessions from insurance or school

One on One Therapy: A Review of Apraxia Remediation
For use when advocating for one-on-one therapy (versus "group" therapy sessions) from insurance or school


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